The best outdoor eating experience in Negril Jamaica


Right on the beautiful Bloody Bay Beach in Negril Jamaca you will find Don Fresh Lobsters run by Grill Master Donovan Fresh himself. He will treat you to one of the best tropical eating experiences of your life. Picture this: you are sitting  on Jamaica’s most gorgeous beaches eating the freshest lobster a couple a feet away from the water, while mingling with other tourists and local Jamaicans for a price much less then your last speeding ticket.   

Experience the real Jamaican vibe at Don Fresh Lobsters!


Meet your new tasty friend

Pick out your tasty little friend right on the beach. You can even take a picture holding one. They come in small, medium and large. But you know you want the large. Click the picture to see more.

The Kitchen

Take a look in Don Fresh his Open Kitchen. Simplicity, fresh and taste are the main ingredients here. Click the picture to see more.

Don Fresh Lobsters 1